Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Dream

We’ve decided to document our journey. But what is our journey? That question is one that will take many posts to answer. And the answers to the question could easily change over time. This dream started somewhere, it’s hard to remember when exactly, and has changed and evolved into what it is today. And the most exciting thing is that it will continue to grow and change possibly becoming something entirely different or. But I guess I’ll try and list the current basics.
We hope for a life of peace (ok, as peaceful as possible with 3 kids running around). We dream of a home built with our own hands, a home without a mortgage. We dream of solar power and wind turbines. We dream of a garden to supply most of our vegetables and supporting local farms for the rest. We dream of composting toilets and warm wood heat. We dream of home cooked meals and bread baked with freshly milled flour. We dream of a simpler life.

Those are just a few of the things we hope for in the future. But our current reality is quite different. We live in the duplex we bought a year and a half ago with a large mortgage. We pay outrageous amounts of money every month on our electric and natural gas bills. Home cooked meals are a rarity. Our gardening attempts have been rather pathetic.

Why Change?

These days, it takes at least two incomes to support a household. The mortgage alone on a standard house keeps one in slavery to the system for at least 30 years. In fact, the current financial system is stacked against homeowners. By the time a person makes their last payment on a typical 30 year mortgage, they’ll have paid nearly twice what the home is worth. And that’s with a “good” interest rate.

And then there are all the other obligations most families are faced with: high utility costs, student loan payments, vehicle loans, consumer loans and credit cards. By the time all is said and done, there is very little, if any, disposable income left. This makes it nearly impossible to get ahead, and most people simply live pay check to pay check. It’s a viscous cycle that keeps a person dependant on a particular job, and if the economy takes a hit, as we’ve been experiencing for the past few years, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Few have enough savings to ride out a storm, be it the loss of a job, a medical emergency, or damage caused by natural disasters. In many cases, all it takes is one of these to cause irreversible financial ruin to a family. And because all of our neighbors and friends are just as strapped and enslaved by the system, there’s very little help available.

To us, this is the worst part of the whole deal. We, as a society, are so absorbed with our own financial obligations that we can’t do a whole lot to help our community, let alone our world. This is further exacerbated by the amount of time one has to spend away from home in order to make ends meet. We’re broke and busy.

What if There Was a Better Way?

Up until a few years ago, we had the same dream every American family had: a large home, nice vehicles, boats, and whatever toys we happened to be dreaming about at the time.

I’m not sure what changed our minds, but that old way of thinking simply wouldn’t do. We quickly racked up a substantial amount of credit card debt. We had student loan payments to make, a car payment, and credit card payments, and rent. Things were looking rather grim.

Had we known then what we know now, we could have saved ourselves allot of stress and heartache over our financial situation. In fact, if we had known what we have come to discover about the options available for low-impact, low-cost, and sustainable living, today would be much different than it is now.

It’s all about our mindset, our standard of living. Most never stop to consider how we live and what impact it is have not only on the environment, but on others in other parts of the world. It dawned on us a while back that there simply aren’t enough resources to provide every person on the planet today the same standard of living we in America enjoy. It’s just not possible. This then leads us to start examining how we live, and how can we can make a difference.

The Path Forward

After much soul searching, some of the ideals that we have come up with are listed in the fist part of this article above. These things take a very small amount of money to begin. They are, however, very time consuming and take a lot of patience to learn and to make a reality.

The other, major piece to this puzzle is housing. We definitely have an idea for what we want, but exactly what that will look like is yet to be determined. And because of the nature of the type of house we would like to build, it will evolve as we build.

We already have our land, 1.4 acres near Wasilla, Alaska, in which we plan to start building within the next year. This summer will be spent planning and gathering the raw materials needed to start construction next spring. We may ever have our well put in this summer.

The dream will take time and a lot of effort to achieve. We’ll continue our day to day life with happiness and contentment. We’ll continue not using disposable paper products and buying our clothes and furniture second-hand or handmade. We’ll continue homeschooling our kids and enjoying them every day. We’ll continue learning more about the lifestyle we desire and making changes when we can.

We hope you enjoy the articles to come and will support us as we venture forward, finding home. We are also hoping that this blog will help us connect with others who are searching for the same way of life. We'd love nothing more than to partner up with others and help build this dream.

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